New Studio

Moved to a new space. A warehouse. I sleep on the floor but I'm building everything with my own hands. I like the idea of that. Revamping this site and will be making time to work on it everyday even for a little bit. Things are getting serious. 

More Wall Space

Building a new wall in the studio so I could work bigger. I believe it will be 15 ' x 12 ' which isnt bad. Until then, I experimented with charcoal and some loose canvas on the wall space I do have. I've haven't worked quite so big in a long time. It was fun working the charcoal in that size. Below are a few pictures I took with my phone. Usually I'll take pictures of whatever I'm working on in all different angles and obsess about what looks weird or anatomically incorrect, it's horrible... 


Seems in the last few weeks painting has really taken over the studio. I'm experimenting with new ways of painting, more closely related to drawing. It's a longer process and my research is still in it's infancy but it has given me a breath of fresh air on the wall. I see a lot of errors now in the way I photograph my references. Definitely need to schedule some more shoots. More specific poses and simpler lighting. Sorry, my grammar is going to get better eventually. 

AVARICIOUS at Festival de Cannes 2015

It's been quite a bit of time since we wrapped up on Avaricious and the train doesn't stop. Few people work as hard as Garcia does and he deserves every bit of celebration. I found some BTS pics from set last night and decided I should share. 

Click here to check out the trailer for AVARICIOUS

The Start of Summer

First day of Summer. I try and try to think and plan a good start for this thing but I have so much going on that I continue to put it off. So it starts here. Painting, studying, researching, photography, saving, swimming, studying and studying. Lets see if I can start a routine and keep this as updated as possible. Change is a process, not an event. Here are a few pictures of my last photoshoot. Working with new designers and the A- Team, which consist of Grace and Garcia. We had a great shoot and everyone was on point. 

Model: Stephanie Roman De Leon - Designer: Willfredo Gerardo - Stylist: Joe Ahmed                            Makeup: Grace Aquado - Your Face by Grace - Asst. Michael Garcia